The Dawn of a New Era

Great teaching, now available everywhere.

At Signum University, we are invested in the values common to many great Liberal Arts colleges.  We love to see students meeting with great teachers who challenge and inspire them to ask difficult questions and be active in learning.  We believe in the dynamic learning that happens in small-group seminars and study groups, in the give and take of discussions led by dedicated faculty.  We believe in connecting passionate teachers with students who are ready to learn.

Most importantly, we at Signum University believe that this kind of academic experience should be available to everyone, everywhere.

Too many people these days are hindered in their pursuit of education.  Perhaps you can’t afford the tuition at the kind of school you would like to attend, without putting yourself in ruinous debt.  Perhaps you are unable to travel or relocate to the campus where the courses you wish you take are held.  Perhaps your other commitments make it impossible to work the classes you want into your schedule.

Signum University is a non-profit university which is conducted entirely online, dedicated to using new methods in order to make old-fashioned teaching available.  We are making use of internet technology to bring dynamic, interactive teaching to students everywhere, at a price people can afford.

A new day is dawning in the world of higher education.

Welcome to Signum University.

The Idea Behind Signum

When Corey Olsen began podcasting as the Tolkien Professor, he discovered a fantastic new world opening before him at the crossroads of technology and academia, where distance has no bearing on learning and connection.  Watch his talk “Down the Hobbit Hole:  Finding Connection in Online Learning” from TEDxChesterRiver.