Institutional Progress

The office of Insitutional Progress at Signum University aims to enhance the profile and effectiveness of the school for all students by pursuing full accreditation, continually assessing educational and community programming and making smart use of charitable contributions. This page will present visitors with a full picture of these stated goals.


Signum University, its assets and programs are not affiliated with a regionally accredited college or university. We are currently seeking accreditation through an organization which is recognized by the US Dept of Education and upon completion of this multi-year process, Signum will be an independent, fully accredited institution. AS of now, courses and degrees awarded through Signum University may not be recognized by some colleges and universities. Colleges and Universities have the right to review coursework and degrees on a case by case basis and may accept in whole or in part the coursework or degree awarded by Signum University. The strength of the professorial credentials and academic rigor of the coursework as demonstrated through the syllabi are the usual instruments reviewed by academic institutions to determine whether they will recognize previous coursework completed at a non-regionally accredited school.

Accreditation Misconceptions

  1. Accreditation is granted through the US Government
    1. Accreditation is granted by various agencies that are national or regional in scope. These agencies are made up of peer institutions and reviewers who certify that the institution is academically and fiscally viable. The US government recognizes various agencies for purposes of determining whether federal financial aid may be utilized at the program to cover costs associated with the degree or coursework, but the US government is not otherwise involved in accreditation.
  2. Accreditation is sought before founding a university or program
    1. Accreditation may not be sought by a program or university until well after it has been in operation so that the program may demonstrate the effectiveness of its program and the breadth of its resources. The amount of time required before application for accreditation may be made varies according to the organization.
  3. If a program is not accredited, then it is not seeking accreditation.
    1. Many years are typically required through the process and thousands of pages of documentation and support as well as significant financial resources must be expended in preparation to apply for accreditation. The accreditation seeking process is a lengthy one itself and typically an agency will award preliminary or candid status for a year or more before granting full or partial status. Therefore, just because an institution is not currently publishing that they are accredited by a particular agency, does not mean they are not actively seeking accreditation.

What This Means

  • Courses and credits awarded by Signum University are fully credited courses within its own program, and may be accepted at other institutions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Signum University is actively pursuing accreditation, and is already two years in to the multi-year process.

Non-Profit Status and Donations

Signum University is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution and all donations are tax deductible within the United States.