Institutional Progress

The office of Insitutional Progress at Signum University aims to enhance the profile and effectiveness of the school for all students by pursuing full accreditation, continually assessing educational and community programming and making smart use of charitable contributions. This page will present visitors with a full picture of these stated goals.


Accreditation Progress Bar

Signum University is hard at work completing a number of important milestones along the path to accreditation. Full accreditation is a multi-year process for any institution and each step is not always the most easily explainable. In the interest of complete transparency for our students, we hope to use this space to keep you abreast of our status.

Like the classic chicken or the egg riddle, one must be offering a full set of classes before receiving official recognition as an educational institution – an idea cannot be accredited. Therefore, the first of four stops on the journey has been completed:  Signum University has been founded.

Update (Spring 2012): All required paperwork for IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit status has been filed. The U.S. government will review these materials and we hope to receive our new tax classification during the Summer 2012 semester.


Signum University prides itself on its incredible community of engaged students.  Our M.A. program in particular sees our scholars succeeding in not only completing their 12 week course work each semester, but also achieving excellent grades while doing it.

Signum Success Graphic


Each semester, Signum University compiles data on its – and its partner in learning, Mythgard Institute’s – programming including M.A. enrollment vs. auditor participation, student nationality and ethnic diversity (voluntary and self-identified).

Fall 2012 Report

Past Reports

Summer 2012 Semester Report
Spring 2012 Semester Report


At Signum University, we value the opinions of the learning community that has developed around us.  We also strive to make strategic improvements based upon the feedback of the clients who interact with us – either on a regular basis or for the first time.  Complete the surveys below to let us know how we are doing, what we can improve on and what you like best about Signum’s offerings.

Signum University Assessment


Signum University is a 501(c)(3) non-profit pending institution and will soon be able to accept donations that will be tax deductible within the United States. Please check back for an opportunity to contribute to Signum’s work for the future of higher education.