Partners in Learning

Signum University and the Mythgard Institute

Signum & MythgardSignum University is founded in partnership with its sister institution, the Mythgard Institute. Mythgard is an online center for the academic study of the literature of the fantastic, with a focus on Tolkien studies. Mythgard specializes in organizing cutting-edge courses in fantasy and science fiction literature and film, taught by the leading scholars in these fields. Over time, the Mythgard Institute will also broaden its activities, seeking to promote, encourage, and support new research in the literature of the fantastic. At Signum University, we believe that Mythgard will help to bring the study of these fields to new levels of scholarly excellence.

Courses arranged by Mythgard are hosted by Signum University and count in its MA program in Literature and Language. In keeping with Signum’s partnership and shared vision with Mythgard, Signum is proud to facilitate the study of fantasy and science fiction. As time goes on, the Literature and Language program will broaden and grow, encompassing a wealth of courses in English and comparative literature, philology, and laguage study.

In the years to come, Signum’s program in Literature and Language will be joined by other disciplines and fields of study. Nevertheless, we trust that we will always enjoy our partnership with the Mythgard Institute, and Tolkien Studies and fantasy literature will always have a special place at Signum University.