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The Signum Language Centre’s College Prep Program gives high-school students the opportunity to study world languages with native speakers and college professors.  Students from public and private schools can enroll as individuals, if they want to get ready for college language classes, or as whole classroom groups.  If your school lacks the faculty to offer the language you want to learn, we can help!

The Signum Language Centre is also the perfect destination for homeschoolers.  Language study is often one of the most challenging teaching areas for homeschooling families; through our flexible online classroom, your homeschool students will be able to learn from excellent teachers within a schedule that will fit into your already busy academic program.  The SLC offers sibling discounts and group rates, so your local co-op can easily learn together in a single live session.

If you represent a school or co-op group, please contact or (216) 200-6984 to discuss enrolling your class. 


Our Courses

Signum Language Centre courses follow the Common European Framework Reference for languages, in order to ensure that the work students do in our classes will translate more easily in the college language placement process.  We start with two beginning-level courses, A1 and A2, and then proceed to two intermediate-level courses, called B1 and B2.  Each of these courses is the equivalent of a full year of secondary-school instruction, and they are intended to be completed in 36 total weeks. Students enroll for one semester at a time, so after completing French A1.1 (the first semester of French A1, introductory French), a student would sign up for French A1.2, which would complete the first course in French.  As with most high-school classes, a full year of our classes (Spanish or French A1, for instance) will translate to one semester of college language study, for placement purposes.

Our Classroom

There are two components to each of our courses.  The centerpiece of each course is an 18-hour series of recorded video lectures, designed to introduce you to new topics and concepts in your language.  These are broken into many separate sessions, each of which is accompanied by assigned reading and homework exercises.  The videos can be uploaded and watched on almost any device, and you can review them as ofted as necessary.

Your independent work with the videos is only part of the story, however.  You will also be placed in a small classroom group of 6-10 students, which will meet with your teacher twice every week for an hour.  In these sessions, you will review your lessons, discuss your work, and ask any questions about the material you might have.  If you are taking one of our courses as part of a local classroom group, your class can hold your sessions together, all meeting with your instructor through one live audio-video interface.

Enrollment and Tuition

There are two different options for enrollment in courses at the Signum Language Centre.  Most of our students choose to take advantage of our whole program by registering for our Full Enrollment.  Once you are enrolled, you will get access to the lesson plans, assignments, and videos for your course, and we will get in touch with you shortly by email about your live class session assignment.  The tuition rate for Full Enrollment is $495 per semester.

If you are an independent learner and would simply like to purchase our video series to use on your own or to study with a parent or a local teacher, you should choose our Video Enrollment.  Our Video students will get access to our course page which will provide our lesson plans and our reading and homework assignments, in addition to the downloads of the video lectures.  The tuition for Video Enrollment is $75 per semester.


The Programs

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